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Tools and Resources to Grow Your Empire!

Lead Database Services

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Gain Access to Find the Capital's Ultimate Real Estate Professional Database Series!


Dear Entrepreneur,

Lisa's 8 x 10

I’m Lisa Virkus Founder and CEO of Find the Capital.

We give entrepreneurs like yourself the tools and resources you need to grow your business.

As you know one of the ways we do this is through providing you targeted databases of contacts to jump start your marketing efforts.

With so many of our followers being involved in the real estate business, we decided to put together a series of real estate professional databases. 

The best part of the databases we've put together is they not only include contacts from the "big shops", but also those hard to find "boutique firms"! Our research team has spend countless hours on each database so you are ensured to receive their most up to date contact information including phone number and email address. So your marketing efforts are seamless.

Giving you the ability to pick and choose which database complements your business the most, we've broken them out into five separate databases. This said, if you want access to them all, we offer a great discount to face value!


Make sure to read on below as we show you the most effective way to market to these contacts to maximize your deal flow and results!


Here is what we have to offer:

Project Funding Brokers - $267

Over 1,400 in total including some of the biggest shops, and probably more importantly, some of the less known boutique shops. Here's just a sampling of who is in the database:

 Learn More


Real Estate

Developers - $137

Over 700 of the most active direct sponsors focusing on almost every asset class, including those hard to find developers who choose not to publicly market themselves! YES we've found them...Here's just a sampling of who is in the database:

 Learn More

Joint Venture Equity Database - $97

Highly screened database of only the Top 200 Joint Venture Equity Providers focused specifically on Commercial Real Estate, including those difficult to find smaller shops!

Learn More


Most Active CMBS Lenders - $97

Database of the Most Active "non-recourse" CMBS Lenders. Here is a sampling:

Learn More


Commercial Brokers - $97

Over 500 of only the Top Producing Commercial Real Estate Brokers throughout the country. Here is a sampling of who is in the database:

 Learn More

How the Databases are Delivered to You

The database is set up in Excel format to easily import each contacts information into your contact management system and email distribution service allowing you to quickly and easily do a mass email blast to the entire database letting each contact know your funding criteria and how to submit deals.


Best Way to Market to the Database

Lead-Generation-SystemWe've found the most effective way to market to the database to maximize deal flow is as follows: 

  • First: Make sure your website is set up in a format to drive you Lead flow, not act as an on-line brochure.

  • Second: Do an initial eblast to the entire database introducing your firm. Then Direct them to your website to learn more about your firms services and how to request additional information.

  • Third: Implement an email drip marketing campaign where you send a bi-weekly or monthly email to the database with timely articles on your industry, educational articles on how to improve things and most importantly how to request more information on your services. Make sure in the eblast you only give them a portion of the article and require them to "click through" to your website to read the full article. Why is this important? If you are using the right email system, you will be able to see who "clicked through" providing you a target list of who is most interested in your services. Hence, if they've taken the time to click through, they probably deserve a follow up call...


If you are not already set up with an email distribution service, we've found the best email system in the market to be Campaigner. Click the following link for a free trial:

Email Marketing for Small Business


How Can Find the Capital Help With Your Marketing?

If you need help setting up your website and the most effective marketing system to dramatically increase your deal flow, make sure to check out our FTC Marketing System by clicking Learn More button below:

learn more

One of our specialists would be happy to set up the perfect system for your business.


Want to Buy the Full Package?

Are you in the type of business that could value each of these databases equally? How about gaining access to all of them? If so, it's your lucky day because for the next 1,000 purchasers of the full suite of databases, we are offering the full package for just:



That's a discount of over 30%!


To gain immediate access to the entire database system, simply click the download button below. Remember, we are limiting sales of this database to the first 1,000 subscribers so act fast.

By clicking the Download button below, you will instantly be taken to Bluesnap, the industry's leading internet market place, to process your order safely and accurately.

Once your order is complete you will be directed to a link that will immediately download our entire Real Estate Professional Database Suite.


Download Now

Just $479 - Over 30% off Face Value

Just .16 per name!

(Sales will be Limited to 1,000 Subscribers)

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Please feel free to email us at info@findthecapital.com with any questions.

30 day guarantee

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