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Tools and Resources to Grow Your Empire!

FTC Marketing Matrix System

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What is the FTC Marketing Matrix System and the Four Months to Find the Capital Program?

FTC’s Marketing Matrix System is set up to do one thing...GROW YOUR BUSINESS IN WAYS YOU NEVER IMAGINED. Our system is proven and, through our Four Months to Find the Capital program, RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED or your money back!

This is the same system we developed over the past 20 years that has helped us build several multi-million businesses including...

Merrill Lynch

A successful Financial Advisory practice at Merrill Lynch with assets totaling well in excess of $150 million and revenues of over $1.5 million per year all built through our inovative prospecting system.

triton logo

An industry leading real estate investment banking firm that has been directly involved in the capital structuring of well north of $1 billion on some of the most complicated transactions in the industry.


TRiTON then evolved into a full service development company that developed Hyatt Resorts $120 million flagship Private Residence Club located on one of the greatest beaches on the west coast of Florida.

How was Our System Created? Watch this Short Video: 

Will this System Work for YOU?

Try Find the Capital's Four Months to Find the Capital program and find out RISK FREE! Results are guaranteed or your money back...

The fee for our Four Months to Find the Capital program is split into four equal monthly payments. If at the end of the first month, you are not completely satisfied, we give you a full refund. Here's what you can expect:

Month 1

During the first 30 days of the program we will:

Conduct a full Sales and Marketing Strategy Audit

The first thing we do is conduct a full Sales and Marketing Strategy Audit where we analyze your current sales and marketing plan, social media presence, branding initiative and target market focus.

Completely Re-Build (or Build) Your Website & Web Presence

Based on our findings from the Sales and Marketing Audit, we will execute the creation or re-build of your website and web presence (without disrupting your current site). The website created will be a great representation of your business and brand. Through our innovative design, strategies and content your website will be set up to maximize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and to easily integrate with various Social Media platforms for maximum lead generation.

Build your Perfect LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIN is truly the business professionals social media site. It holds valuable contacts that want to learn about your business and need to be connected with. Find the Capital will build out a professional presence that instantly promotes your products and services, while building a platform for professional networking. In this service we provide you the following:

  • LinkedIn Audit: We sit down with you and analyze your current LinkedIn presence, its message and its effectiveness. Hence, we analyze what you are currently doing to utilize LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn Campaign Analysis: We brain storm with you and create an effective campaign that draws clients in. We focus on message creation, goals and tracking. The focus is on delivering quality and professional presentations to your groups/contacts which ultimately drive interest in your business.
  • LinkedIn Campaign Creation: Based on our finding from the Audit and Campaign Analysis, we will execute the campaign which involves network development, content development and distribution of daily or weekly updates. Monthly we will create a new professional presentation to keep you marketplace updated with new promotions.

Set up your Perfect Drip Marketing Campaign

Based on our findings from the Sales and Marketing Audit, we will assist you in the set up and the development of an effective and efficient “Drip Marketing Campaign” to maximize the conversion of your contacts from Lead to Prospect to Paying Customer. The best part of our drip marketing system is it drives people to your website and let's you know exactly who those people are so you can determine whether the visitor justifies further follow up.

Set Up Your Contact Management System

We will set up the right contact management system to effectively and efficiently manage client relations and the conversion of Lead to Prospect to Paying Customer.

Months 2 - 4:

Once you are completely satisfied with the results of Month 1, we then run the system for you for the next three months to prove to you our system works. You will continue to be billed on a monthly basis, but if at any point you are not completely satisfied with the results, you can cancel your contract and not be liable for any further FTC costs. During months 2 - 4 we will:

Monthly Sales and Marketing Meeting

At the beginning of each month, we will conduct a Sales and Marketing Strategy meeting with you to cover new developments, social media marketing strategy, drip marketing strategy and website content management.

Marketing Execution

As determined during the Monthly Sales and Marketing Strategy meeting, on a weekly basis, we will update your social media platforms, administer your email drip campaigns and update website articles and content.


Monthly we will provide you with reports highlighting the results of each respective campaign and the specific leads that were generated by each campaign for follow up by your organization.

Months 5 and Beyond:

At the end of the Four Months to Find the Capital program, we will train you on how run and manage the system yourself. In the event you do not want to run the system yourself, you can keep Find the Capital on board to run things for you! It's your choice.

At the end of the four month program, regardless of what direction you choose, you own 100% of everything created for you during the program, including your new website.

How Well Does the System Work?

Here is what Some Have to Say….

Cleat Lindsey - Scripter and Associates

Partner and Investment Advisor

Lisa Virkus and her team at Find the Capital are simply the best sales and marketers I’ve ever seen. They just get it. They know how to generate massive deal flow and have perfected the systems required to process that deal flow from lead to prospect to paying customers. They’re one of the only marketing firms I've worked with that has outperformed their deliverables. They've done wonders for my financial advisory practice.

Jim Goodsmith - JE Goodsmith, LLC


I can't say enough positive things about Lisa and her team. I'm in the Manufacturers Rep business and was somewhat skeptical about how effective this type of service would be for my industry. This said, I had them implement the entire FTC Marketing Matrix system. Within the first month of operation I brought in a major order with revenues that paid for the service five times over! They get a thumbs up from me...

Mike Hassing - Automotive Subprime Finance

Founder and CEO

I've known Lisa's partner Brent for over 25 years. What Find the Capital has done to help my business grow has been invaluable. Most noteworthily was helped me build and manage the perfect LinkedIn profile and marketing campaigns. I truly have people reaching out to me rather than the other way around!


Remember this is the exact system that...

  • Put us in the Top 1% most viewed profiles on LinkedIn
  • Within the first three years, grew our database to over 25,000 contacts that want to do business with us and expect to hear from us
  • Closed well in excess to $1 billion in real estate transactions
  • Built a Financial Advisory firm with more than $150 million under management and producing over $1.5 million per year in revenues

How to Get Started?

To see if you qualify for FTC's Four Months to Find the Capital program, simply fill out the form below. Let us learn about your business and we will show you how to truly take things to the next level…


FTC Marketing System - Let us know how we can help!

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