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Have you met your goals for the first half of the year?

By on Jul 11, 2014 in From Find the Capital, Running Your Business | 0 comments

It’s hard to believe that we are halfway into the year. Where did the first half go? Now is the perfect time to take an honest look at your business, see how much progress you’ve made, and develop your plan for the rest of 2014. I typically review my annual goals each quarter with a particular focus at the mid-year point. Generally, I do this right after the July 4th holiday weekend.  I find this a good time of year for reviewing my annual goals and measuring my current performance.

Look at your goals and ask yourself, have I achieved them? Are they still viable and important? If not, get rid of them. If they are still viable, identify a handful of actions to execute over the summer months to bring you closer to your goals. Also, reflect to see if your goals have changed and to see if new goals are needed. The only one that can make you accountable is yourself. You need to measure how you want to achieve the success you want in your life.

Think about this question: what must I accomplish in the next 6 months to make 2014 a great year?

Use this question as a guide in documenting your goals for the next 6 months and detailing your plans for how you will achieve them.

Remember, you still have half the year left. So even if you didn’t achieve enough in the first six months, there’s plenty of time left to make 2014 a banner year.

But importantly, make sure you set goals for the rest of the year, and have a way to measure your progress on them. If you don’t, as some of you unfortunately just learned over the last six months, you won’t achieve the success you desire.

Best of luck to you!

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