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Find the Capital’s – 5 Rules for Raising Capital

Find the Capital’s – 5 Rules for Raising Capital

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Article by, Brent Virkus - President and CEO TRiTON Capital Advisory

We've found there are really three main reasons people fail when trying to raise capital:

  1. They've never done it before and don't know how...
  2. They don't know what capital groups to show their deal to...
  3. They don't put together the proper package...

To help people in need of capital, we've put together our 5 Rules for Raising Capital:

  1. Don't just post your deal on the internet - Don't expect people to search you out. You need to put forth the effort and reach out to them.
  2. Contact the right capital providers - Don't start with the big Institutional shops. Start with the smaller start up funds, Crowdfunding Groups and Family Offices. These are the less knows groups and hence more in need of deal flow.
  3. Show your deal - Don't let an non-disclosure agreement hold up showing someone your deal. If you insist on an NDA, you will be moved to the bottom of the pile.
  4. Put together the right package - Make sure to use the "KISS" theory (i.e. Keep it simple stupid). Put together a 60 second pitch on what you are looking for that a 13 year old could understand. Then put together the right package so the capital source can easily sift through your due diligence materials.
  5. Hire a third party - If you don't have the connections and experience yourself, hire someone to raise the capital for you.

Following these simple rules will dramatically increase your ability to raise all the capital you need.

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