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Starting your business on a shoestring budget – Tips for a smooth beginning

Starting your business on a shoestring budget – Tips for a smooth beginning

By on Oct 31, 2013 in Running Your Business | 0 comments

Article by, Allen

There are many employees who hate working under their boss and feel that owning their own business will certainly muster their courage and confidence. You can take control over your finances, set goals, reach them and also enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishing what you aim at doing. The current economy has been tough, especially for the small business owners and starting a business of your own, when there are people who have lost their jobs and have been forced to look for new jobs, is something that can’t be dreamt of. As you need a lump sum amount to start off with a new business venture of your own, you often hesitate. Who will offer you funding for your business? How will you manage to start your business without taking out numerous business loans? Are there any tips that you can follow in order to get started? Read on the remaining concerns of the article, if you want to educate your knowledge on the same.

  1. Save religiously before starting your new business: Too often it is seen that people move forward to starting a business without enough savings and they take out loans from family, friends, from the bank or from the SBA. All they expect is that they will start repaying the loans with the amount that they accumulate as their profits. Little do they realize that it takes months and years to make enough profit with which you will be able to repay the business loan lenders. As soon as the lender discovers that the business isn’t generating a huge revenue, they will deny to renew it for another year. Therefore it is certainly better to save enough money before starting off with your new business.
  2. Start your business on a shoestring budget: Yes, you might have dreamt of taking big business decisions but when it comes to reality, you should think small. Don’t rent a house when you have options of working somewhere else. Studies reveal that all those people who start their business on a very small budget are the ones who flourish later on. They’re the ones who create their goods and services with sweat than cash. Don’t take luxurious business decisions especially when you’re starting off.
  3. Understand how you can make profit: When you’re about to start off with a new business organization of your own, you should be able to state in a few sentences how you’re planning to make business profit. As you’re a starter, you need to know the costs, how much money you’ll spend while compensating the employees, paying the rent, purchasing inventory and covering all the other unexpected costs. Only then you can figure out the profit that you will earn every month. These are the numbers that are needed to create a “break-even” analysis.
  4. Draft a short but smart business plan: Starting off a business organization requires a well-proof plan and if you still don’t have one, wait for the right time. For most small business organizations, the key portions consist of the plan that will brace you against all odds of the economy. Have all the steps ready so that you can easily move in accordance with your plan and realize your steps.


Therefore, in the tumultuous economy, you should arm yourself with enough knowledge and information before starting off with your own business. Follow the tips mentioned above so that you can be a successful businessman and make enough profits.


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