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Top 10 Most Active Real Estate Funds

By on Jan 23, 2013 in Project Financing | 0 comments

Virkus Picture HalfArticle by, Brent Virkus of Find the Capital and TRiTON Capital Advisory

Let’s face it, the days of “passing the hat” at the country club for project funding is long gone… This has forced most of us into the unchartered world of Private Equity Funds. The questions always remains – How do I find these guys?

A great place to start is by identifying who the most active players are in the industry. Find the Capital has completed extensive research into this question and has identified the Top 10 Most Active Real Estate Funds, including how much they have put out and how many deals they have done. This could be a great place to start when searching out those difficult to find equity sources.

Here are the results:

  1. Equity Residential, – Invested $16.2 billion in 155 properties
  2. AvalonBay Communities, – Invested $15.6 billion in 154 properties
  3. Lehman Brothers, – Invested $9.4 billion in 290 properties
  4. Blackstone, – Invested $7 billion in 1,340 properties
  5. Simon Property group, – Invested $4.8 billion in 33 properties
  6. Starwood Capital, – Invested $3.8 billion in 251 properties
  7. Realty Income, – Invested $3.1 billion in 626 properties
  8. Invesco Real Estate, – Invested $2.7 billion in 22 deals
  9. Clarion Partners, – Invested $2.6 billion in 21 deals
  10. Goldman Sachs, – Invested $2.4 billion in 51 deals

The problem most real estate professionals phase is how to get in the door with these groups? The most effective way to do so is to work through a strong capital advisory firm as they have already forged the relationships.

This said, the best approach might be to avoid these groups all together and research those hard to find up and coming shops that are hungry for deal flow. That is the true challenge….



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