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Top Ten Fastest Growing Residential Markets in the U.S. – You May Be Surprised…

Top Ten Fastest Growing Residential Markets in the U.S. – You May Be Surprised…

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Article by, Brent Virkus of Find the Capital and TRiTON Capital Advisory

Brent VirkusWe all know the housing market has made a reversal and is starting a vary significant uptrend. We ran across an interesting article on Market Watch that highlighted the Top 10 Fastest Growing Residential Markets in the Country. You may be surprised at the results. Pay special attention to number 7….

  1. Oakland California
  2. Orange Country California
  3. Santa Barbara California
  4. San Jose California
  5. Seattle Washington
  6. Los Angeles California
  7. Detroit Michigan
  8. Portland Oregon
  9. San Diego California
  10. Reno Nevada

You probably know that I’m a Detroit Native so I can’t tell you how proud I am to see Detroit on the list. We are always on the “other” list… Either way it does show you the incredible rebound Detroit is making and the amazing opportunity it presents to investors looking for solid returns in real estate. A few other articles you may want to check out are as follows:

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Professor“It’s Official…The REAL ESTATE recovery has begun!”

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