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Who Uses It…The Business and Groups that Benefit Most from Text Marketing

Who Uses It…The Business and Groups that Benefit Most from Text Marketing

By on Feb 7, 2013 in Sales and Marketing | 0 comments

Article by, Find the Capital

Mass text messaging software is used as both a communications tool and a text message marketing platform.

Whether your a Fortune 500 company, a non-profit, or a small church group – text messaging can help your organization. These are some of the Business Groups that benefit the most from Text Marketing.

Bars & Nightclubs

Break through the clutter of nightlife promotions with a targeted message that cannot be ignored. Whether you are sending VIP passes, food & drink specials, comp admission or special prizes, customers can instantly respond to your offers! 

Education / Non-Profits / Community Groups

Directing communications amongst the members of a non-profit or community based organization is far more difficult than it need to be. Snail mail is too slow when you need a rapid response and email gets lost in a sea of spam. SMS text messaging for social groups will solve your communications woes. 

Event Marketers

With hundreds (or even thousands) of people attending your events, Texting gives you a better way to capture customer data. Give them the opportunity to signup to be notified of upcoming events and promotions directly to their cell phones. And with our 2-way interactive software, the on-site promotion opportunities are endless. 

Religious Groups

Texting is a powerful, affordable group text messaging solution for your church. Reminders, prayer requests, and youth group organization are some of the most common uses of group text messaging. Over 1,000 churches have already discovered the power of Texting! 


SMS Marketing allows you to build loyalty, upsell your current customers and drive foot traffic on slow nights. Cold winter day? Offer a special on soup. Want to reward repeat customers? Allow them to text in to receive special deals. 


The best relationships in retail are ones where you give back to your customers. Sending coupons, sneak preview sales, and exclusive offers directly to their cell phones is an inexpensive and trackable way to drive purchases! 

Real Estate

In today’s busy world, people want immediate gratification. Give house hunters instant access to property listings using Texting’s keyword solution, and easily communicate with them to setup an appointment or request more information. 


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